PC and Hardware Reviews

Hardware problems are often more complicated. But it’s always worth taking a moment to open up your computer and use a brush or vacuum cleaner to carefully clean out all the dust that’s built up inside.

There is a need for new newer, faster computer hardware upgrades. Show how many computer users have been added to the server in the past year or since the server was installed. Show the number of printers added to the server. This might help justify the much-needed upgrade.

Another factor that could put Microsoft in jeopardy of losing the number one spot is the release of iOS 5 this fall. Before iOS 5, an iPad user needed to have a Windows or Mac-based computer to use an iPad, making it a secondary device. With the release of iOS 5, that will no longer be necessary. With the iPads compact design, ability to use a 3G network in some locations and moderate price, people may be buying these over traditional desktop and laptop computers.

Run a complete system Virus Scan, Spyware Scan, and Registry Cleanup. Old infected files can harm your pc and make it seem like it is no more than a doorstop when in reality, a quick hour of scans with the right software can have your PC running just like new.

Macs are extremely popular with those who enjoy doing design work or with graphics. Many programs are designed and made specifically for them rather than using a pc. However, there are many that struggle to do the simplest thing on a Mac because it is so different from many other designs. Uninstalling software is one of those simple things that you will need to do at some point in your life with a Mac.

Another one of those classic games that you just can’t seem to get out of your system. Just put click on your R4 DS Card and plug it into your Nintendo DS and start playing one of the best platform side-scrolling games of all time. Rick Dangerous was the must-have side scroller of the day. Anyone that did not have a Nintendo DS system had either one or both of these games instead of. Side-Scrolling Adventure game truly taken to the max. Great graphics (for the time), absolutely challenging and not to mention, loads of fun!

Training for employees must happen to keep employees up to speed on current technology. Show how this training is going to solve problems, save money and help get projects done on time and under budget. For some employees, training is a reward. Make a point that this will help improve employee morale as well.